Fiona nuzzling my handFiona

When my mare, Dani died in the spring of 2007. I couldn't even think about getting another horse, but by the end of that summer I thought that I should start looking.

I searched the country (via the Internet) for my dream horse.  In September I found her.  Fiona was five years old and 16.2 hands.  She is registered RPSI (Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International). Her sire is the beautiful Westphalen stallion, Freestyle.  Freestyle is known for passing on his great temperament to his offspring and that certainly is true in Fiona's case.  She is the sweetest, most unflappable horse I have ever known.

The First Day

This photo and the one above were taken on her first day at New Moon Farm. She was delivered to us late the previous night. She stepped off the trailer calm as could be - no calling out or pacing about. She acted as though she was home from the moment she arrived.

Getting to work

Fiona was started as a four year old but hadn't had a lot of work after that.  She's had some issues and we've had some set backs but she going really nicely now and I love her madly.