me on my yellow ponyEzekiel

He is my boy. Zeke is a registered American Quarter Horse (registered name Geeter's Thunder). Not that I ever kept up the registration. He was my first horse and I only cared that he was a horse. He will be 28 this Spring. You'd never know it to look at him though.

Zeke and I learned Dressage together. I think I enjoyed it more than he did. His favorite gait has always been "halt."

riding zeke at a horse showOur First (and only) Dressage Show

We won a first and three second place ribbons that day! We would have had more blue ribbons except that I was so nervous I kept going off course.

riding zeke at a horse show

He was very good and I was very proud of him. I thought that we would show again but once we bought this property and began the long process of turning it into a horse farm, well, it just wasn't going to happen.

Zeke in retirement

trail ride in fall foliage

I used Zeke in a therapeutic riding program for awhile. He was great with the kids and being led around at a walk was just fine with him. I've used him for beginner lessons for years. But arthritis in his hocks means that he is retired now except for the occasional trail ride.